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Flourence Dosi - interested in you and i wish to have you as my friend


from:     flourence Dosi giftkassala43@yahoo.com
reply-to:     flourence.dosi@yahoo.com

subject:     Hello


I'm miss Flourence, interested in you and i wish to have you as my friend, for a friend is all about Respect, Admiration, love and passion. Also friendship is consist of sharing of ideas and planing together, i intend to send you my picture for you, if you reply me.

Thanks from Flourence.


from:     Flourence Dosi flourence.dosi@yahoo.com


Dear friend,

I am more than happy in your reply to my mail, how is your day today i hope all is well and fine with you including your health and job. My name is Miss Flourence Dosi and i am 24 years, single and never been married, i am from Sudan in Africa but presently residing in the missionary church here in Senegal where i ran as a refuge due to the political civil war that took place in my country. I am in sufferings and pains here in this camp, i really need help from someone by encouraging me and good advice in life and to help me to come out from this situation, again to help me get my money, because my late father deposited some amount of money for me in the Bank and he used my name as the next of kin.

My late father Dr. Ellison Dosi, worked as the Chief Executive Officer of (E E C PLC) in Port Sudan in Sudan. During the war, the rebel loyal to one of the greedy business associate of my late father attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and father in a cold blood. It is only me that is alive now as the only child of my parents and i managed to make my way to this country Senegal by the help of UN army where i am living now in the missionary, headed by a Reverend Father, i used his office computer to send you this email and i only enter his office when he is less busy in his office.

I would like to know more about you, your likes, dislikes, your hobbies and what you are doing presently. i like to meet understanding, loyal, sincere, truthfully, kindly, friendly and more to that, a man of vision. Attached here is my picture. I will be hoping to hear from you again.

Yours Flourence.


from:     Flourence Dosi flourence.dosi@yahoo.com


Dearest one,
How are you today? l hope you are fine, my day is very boring over here in Senegal in this missionary church, we find it hard to go out because we are not allowed to do so, it's just like one staying in the house of a harsh father, but l hope by God's grace l will come out of here soon.

Nevertheless, I don't have any relatives now that i can go to, all my relatives ran away in the middle of the war and there is no contact, the only person i have now is Rev.Father who is heading the missionary. He has been very good to me since i came here but l am not living with him, l am living in the women quarter.

Please i will like you to call me through the Rev.father's phone number (+221778463094) as you call, tell the Rev.Father that you wish to speak with me, definitely he will send for me in the refugee hostel. Regarding my condition here as a refugee, i don't have any right or privilege to anything be it money or whatever because it is contrary to the law of this country.

I want to go back to my studies because i only stopped at my first year before the tragic war that cause to my being in this situation now took place. Honey i really believe in face to face, i like to meet you in your country but there is know way i will be coming to your country now, i need to have my (International passport) before i can be coming to your country.

Dear friend, everything is money, i will offer you 15% (percent) of the total money for compensation immediately after the transfer. Please l would like you to know that l have my late father's death certificate here with me which l will like to send to you to assist me, because when he was alive he deposited sum amount of money with a Bank which he used my name as the next of kin. The amount in question is (2.750,000,00 Million British Pounds) Two million seven hundred and fifty thousand Pounds.

I will like you to assist me to transfer this money to your account and from it you will send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet you. I can't withdraw the money my self due to some conditions of things here in this country which i am not permit to do, and the money can't be transferred here in Senegal.

I have got in touch with the bank through mail and also told them about my plans to withdraw this money,i also got them aware of the death of my father and they have acknowledged it with all they confirmation. However, the bank manager advised me to get in touch with a very responsible person who will stand on my behalf as a foreign partner/trustee over the transfer since l am presently of refugee status over here and wouldn't be permitted to handle this amount of money, they also let me know about the bonds which they signed with my father that the money will be handled to me in bulk amount which means that l should decide on if i should continue with the bank or not.

Meanwhile,i will give you the personal contact address of the bank Manager so that you will contact the bank Manager direct for his direction and guidance concerning the transfer in my next mail.

I just have to let you know about this so that you can assist me to be my trustee on this money, like l have said, l want you to call me because l have allot to tell you. l kept this secret away from people in the Missionary here, the only person that knows about it is the Reverend Father Jude Williams because he is like a father to me.

Have a nice day and think about me. Dear friend , this is the email address of the Reverend (reverendjudewilliams@yahoo.com) i hope to hear from you soonest.

Yours Flourence


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Anonymous said...

New version from Flourence Dosi (flouw.dosi888@virgilio.it), 17 Dec 2013
Nice to meet you,
I'm miss Flourence.,interested in you, &
wish to have you as my friend,thanks.


Anonymous said...

Another new version from Flourence Dosi 08 Jan 2014

Nice to meet you,

I'm miss Flourence.,interested in you, &

wish to have you as my friend,thanks.


Anonymous said...

Flourence Dosi (flourencex1j@virgilio.it)

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